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David Zeligson With DogsDavid Zeligson started Deluxe Dog Concierge in an effort to spend more time with animals and include them in his work. Starting with his formal education in psychology and sociology, he became keenly interested in the humor and joy people experience through animals as well as the strong emotional bonds people form with their pets.

Prior to Deluxe Dog Concierge, David held senior level positions in corporate training, HR and organizational development. He has worked in the Education Department of The Living Desert Zoo (Palm Desert, CA), helped interpret the zoo’s African domesticated livestock exhibit and delivered dog walking and pet care services to boarded animals at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe. For more than a decade, he has channeled his passion for animals to acquire significant pet handling experience and practical knowledge of everyday pet care. 

Today, David lives with his partner in San Diego and is the proud parent to Lucy and Ethel, two Shih Tzus who are true to their classic TV namesakes. Deluxe Dog Concierge is David's effort to enrich his clients' lives (both humans and pets) and contribute towards making our community a better place to live four paw prints at a time.

To keep our pet clients happy, healthy and safe at all times.

To provide attentive, heartfelt care for your pet family members in a manner that honors and respects them, returning them to your care with their tails up with joy and ready for their next concierge visit.

Dog Walking Client Testimonies

Through our rich animal handling 
experience and history of extraordinary pet care, we're qualified to give you: peace of mind that your pet children are being treated well in your absence, and afford you convenience and value-added service

"We met David when we were visiting from LA. He took care of our bichon Stormy on short notice so we could attend a family gathering and not have to leave her alone. When he showed up to take care of Stormy, he was on time, professional and totally prepared to sit with her for the afternoon. We will definitely use David's pet care service again on our next trip to San Diego." (Terri & Stephen H.)

"David’s warmth and compassion shines through every time he sees my Zoe. His dog walking service allows her to get the exercise she needs plus some extra hugs and kisses. Thanks David for being Zoe’s guardian angel." (Betty B.)

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